At Tejeda Consulting Services we aim to connect passionate, driven entrepreneurs, brands and businesses with other like-minded entities to form successful, profitable partnerships across a multitude of platforms.

We believe in Community, Family, Empowerment, Service & Integrity.


Utilizing Social Media for business is different from simply posting on one’s personal Facebook account. It requires strategy, planning, execution and dedication.  A business account should be posted on, monitored and utilized to reach customers on a daily basis.

At Tejeda Consulting Services our team will help you choose the right series of social media platforms that will ensure you reach your desired customers. We will then work with you to craft an online campaign that will help engage your customers and boost sales.

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At TCS, we believe all successful businesses are good community stewards that work well with other like-minded businesses. That͛s why we work so hard to help find our clients other similarly focuses businesses that they can team up with to help cross promote and form symbiotic relationships with.

We believe good will, charitable contributions and service to the community also raise one͛s business profile within the community. Our team will help to find your business service opportunities that fit within your company͛s core values.


Whether you’re planning an intimate get together, a large party for several hundred guests, a business summit or just participating in a community event, TCS can help you plan your function from inception to completion.

Our team is skilled at staging, organizing decorations and catering, drafting press releases, media advisories, guest lists and remarks, as well as organizing media on the day of the event.

We will also work to ensure your event is posted, tweeted and instagrammed appropriately!


At the end of the day, your Brand is more than just a logo, its anything people can associate your organization with, whether it is a paid advertisement, your staff, products/services, social media, editorials or media coverage. Our job is to ensure that we are always showcasing your brand at the highest level.

Getting the attention of the news media can sometimes be difficult. When your company is launching a new product, opening a new location, has a big announcement, media coverage can be invaluable. A write up in the paper, a mention in a local magazine or trade publication, or even an on camera interview or booking on a local morning show can boost your companies image.

On the flip side, during times of crisis, working with the media successfully, negotiating interviews and staying on message are key.

At TCS our team is experienced in dealing with the media. Not only is our staff made up of former journalists with more than fifteen years of experience, but we continue to maintain and develop our relationships with local and national news outlets to ensure our clients get the best coverage possible.


Writing has been called a gift. For us here at Tejeda Consulting Services we call it a passion. We love knowing the difference between there, their and they’re! And we will share that passion with you and your business as well!

Our goal is to make sure that no matter what we write for you, be it a blog, website content, social media post, newspaper editorial or magazine article, it stays on message and paints your company in the best light possible.


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Our team will work with you to put a plan in place before a crisis ever happens so that you are not caught off guard if a situation arises.

Our strategy involves developing a plan that will keep everyone on task, identifying who is doing the talking and creating key messages for social and news media.

On Air Training: There are a few things worse than an unprepared TV interview. At Tejeda Consulting Services we work to train you and your team to look cool, calm and confident in front of High Definition Television cameras. During our half and full day workshops we will work with your company spokesperson and other staff members to stay on message, get rid of bad habits and smooth out their total on-air presence. We will also talk about wardrobe, makeup and sitting/standing posture.

Social Media Bootcamps: There is definitely a difference when it comes to posting on social media for business versus personal. In our half and full day workshops we will do a social media audit of your business, talk about what makes a good and bad post, develop a custom list of key words for your industry, and show you how to be effective in your postings.


These days videos are one of the most popular types of posts on social media. Our team is well armed with video equipment and is versed in editing skills to create fun, viral type videos that will make your company and brand stand out!

At TCS we will do an initial evaluation of your company, looking at your current services, product lines, staff and the like. We perform market research to determine what the trends are in your industry. We look at competitors and their products. We will then work to ensure you stay on top and ahead of the competition.

At Tejeda Consulting Services, we believe loyalty programs are key to retaining current and gaining new customers. Creating programs that fit and promote your company values are key.



Tejeda Consulting Services is a full service, female and minority owned public relations firm with offices based in Atlanta, Alabama, California, Florida and Texas. The organization was founded in San Antonio, Texas back in 2009 by former anchor and reporter Natalie Tejeda.

Since its inception in the Lone Star State, TCS has handled clients in the automotive, retail, fitness, healthcare, economic development, lifestyle & leisure as well as non-profit industries, to name a few. These days TCS is headquartered in the Southeast, but maintains a firm stronghold on client relations nationwide through a team of talented community managers. Believing in the ͚it takes a village͛ mentality, each team member strives to align clients with like-minded businesses for cross promotion with the goal of raising that clients status in the community in which they serve.


We are an agency full of Passion


We believe most great businesses are built upon a dream. But it’s the passion of the person behind that dream and their will to succeed that makes them a success!

So we ask all our perspective clients…”What is your passion?”.

At Tejeda Consulting Services, we believe in helping you Identify that passion, as well as your goals and then effectively communicate those to your customers. We guarantee that all messaging that is put out by us will be Brand Specific, will have Value and will work to Increase your Bottom Line.

At TCS we are selective about who our clients are. We realize we are not going to be a good fit for everyone and every business is not going to be a perfect match for our firm. We want to partner with people, companies and organizations who are passionate about their business and want to bring a unique experience to their customers.

The qualities and characteristics that gel best with the creative minds here at TCS are those that are full of: drive, open mindedness, creativity, sense of adventure, enthusiasm, fun, out-of-the-box thinking, visionary, long term planner, and ability to see big picture.


Ability to think outside of the box

Natalie's work with the TV-Film Society at CSU Fullerton was impressive. On many occasions Natalie surprised her peers with her creativity and passion, as well as her ability to think outside of the box.

Ian Yeh
Digital Editor

diligent in her work and always professional

Natalie and I worked side by side while I was a photojournalist at KVOA. She was diligent in her work and always professional. I enjoyed her attitude at she was such a pleasure to work with.

Andy Stead
News Photographer

A great job communicating our vision and message

Natalie does a great job communicating the vision and message of the San Antonio Water ͞System to the media day in and day out. We are extremely fortunate to have someone with Natalie's talents on our staff

Mike Lackey
San Antonio Water System Board Member

More talent than anybody I have ever worked with

I have worked with Natalie for over two years. She has more talent than anybody I have ever worked with. So lucky to have her working with our team here at Dog Days of Birmingham.

Jimmy Johnson
Owner / Dog Days of Birmingham

Most media coverage we have ever had!

Since Natalie began pushing for coverage, we’ve had more media show up at our events in the last year than in numerous years combined. Natalie’s also a lot of fun to work with. She’s positive, upbeat and great at making people around her feel comfortable.

Eddie Wilcut
Conservation Manager for San Antonio Water System

Professional image & dynamic personality

Natalie Tejeda can present a message with a clear understanding and efficient delivery while maintaining a professional image and exuding a dynamic personality.

Eva Esquivel
Workforce Solutions Alamo





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